Year 1829 - Under a Land Law dictated by Rivadavia, Lino Pardo receives large tracts of countryside at a low fee, and becomes one of the first settlers in the area.

Year 1835 - Juan Bautista Bioy, grandfather of the writer Adolfo Bioy Casares, rented and later bought the fields from Lino Pardo of the current Estancia Rincón Viejo and established, in that year, a grocery store next to the Camino Real or Camino de las Carretas (What nowadays it is the National Route Number 3)

Year 1839 - For December of that year Don Juan Manuel de Rosas signed the decree for the creation of the Las Flores Party, the Pardo and Bioy fields, constituted Section 4 of said party.

Year 1868 - Juan Bautista Bioy had the first fence laid in the Las Flores district in his field that he called "El Alambrado".

Year 1870 - Barracks VII of Las Flores is established and Juan Bautista Bioy is appointed as the first mayor of this barracks. -

Year 1876 - On September 18, the Southern Railway arrived, with the Las Flores - Azul section, inaugurating the Pardo Station. Together with her, Bioy established the “El Sauce” supply store, a building without an ochava, which later became the General Ramos Warehouse ¨Constancio¨, currently the Hotel ¨Casa Bioy¨ ​​operates. Today, there is a draft ordinance, so that this date is the founding of the place.

Year 1885 - School Number 7 began to function in the Juan Chiape field, in the “La Capilla” area. Its first principal and teacher was Sea. Rita C. de Pardo. Over time it was given the name of “1st. de Mayo ”to school.

Year 1892 - On September 8, the cornerstone of the Perpetual Help Chapel in Pardo was laid, donated by Juan Bautista Bioy. It was solemnly inaugurated on December 23, 1893, with the festival continuing on 24 and 25.

Year 1910 - School N ° 13 was built with the land donated by Dr. Adolfo Bioy, father of the writer Adolfo Bioy Casares, near the railway station. In 1940 the name "Juan Bautista Bioy" was placed.

Year 1929 - The Club Unión Deportiva is inaugurated on December 1, as are the facilities that can be visited today.

Year 1934 - The Municipal Mayor Ubaldo Hernández promulgated an Ordinance creating the Municipal Delegation of Pardo.

From 1930 to 1950 - The following description of the town was published: “The town surrounds the station, there are car services, cars and where to stay at the time of any train. The town is in a plain, there is little modern building, being mostly ranches ”.

Year 1940 - Adolfio Bioy Casares, after living six years in Pardo, writes in the Estancia Rincón Viejo ¨La Invention of Morel¨ the fantastic novel that launches him to national and world fame as a writer.

From the year 1960 to 1980 - The decline of the railroad begins and the towns of the interior like Pardo, begin to stagnate and depopulate.

Year 1995 - The abandoned property of the Capilla del Socorro is declared a Municipal Historical Heritage.

Year 2003 - A group of artists and residents of Las Flores and Pardo, creates the Adolfo Bioy Casares Library Museum, in the facilities of the Old Train Station.

Year 2008 - The Yamay EcoTurismo tourism venture, emblem of Pardo's sustainable identity, is installed in the Canal 11 area.

Year 2015 - The town of Pardo is declared of Provincial Tourist Interest, under the program ¨ Bonaerenses Tourist Towns¨.

Year 2016 - The first edition of the Fiesta del Lechón de Campo is held, the festival of the place that takes place on the first or second Sunday of each November.

Year 2017 - In June, the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of Las Flores approves the Pardo Authentic community rural tourism project, thus opening the doors to a new value of the human and natural heritage of the Tourist Town. Under Decree No. 1052, on June 10, 2019 Pardo Authentic is declared of Municipal Interest.

Year 2018 - In February, after 44 years, the Corsos return to Pardo, organized by the Club Unión Deportiva.


Juan Manuel Damperat

He is Juan Manuel Damperat, the ¨Pipi¨ from Pardo, the one from Las Flores, the one from everywhere!

It has been more than 5 years since he settled in our Town, and he is the host of Yamay EcoTurismo, the guide par excellence of all Pardo, whom the ladies adore, the facilitator of workshops for children, the one of the community role par excellence throughout the place, our Pipi.

It makes whole grain breads with seeds, which, accompanied by its Honey, coconut mates and the human and natural environment of Pardo, take you to a unique state of disconnection that we invite you to enjoy.

Lover of plants, and sharing his wisdom for how much green place he finds, he usually says that he lives in the best place in the world where there is to escape, because if there is something to learn, it will follow us everywhere.

César Lámaro 

Pardo has four stores, La Fe (García Family), Lo de Clarita, Lo de Lucrecia (where the Bar Overo Negro operated) and Lo de Lamaro. The Bioys went to the latter, and in the summers Borges appeared. One of the greatest writers in the world entering the general branches of César Lamaro to use the only telephone that was several kilometers away. César is a ¨number¨ sought after when it comes to journalistic notes, and we have seen live how his eyes get wet with nostalgia when it comes to remembering that young César, receiving Silvina Ocampo, Jorge Luis Borges and the Bioys. They also occupy the same place in his memoirs, stories of a Pardo in Time that grew and decreased over the years. Today he sees life, from his field, and he sold the goodwill of his Warehouse, but I can see him followed by the center of the Town.

Stella Maris 

She is Stella Maris, she fell in love with her husband Guillermo de Pardo, they sold everything in the city and bought their country house in Pueblo. It is a story worth hearing from your mouth, when you visit our Tourist Town.

It is our first gastronomic endeavor from where we seek to transmit the intangible heritage of country knowledge and also from where we want to infect anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps, and start a better and authentic life in this beautiful rural setting.

Today, they already have their kitchen of artisan sweets installed, which you can visit, and enjoy the magical moment of preparation with local products.