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Community Based Rural Tourism

The Rural Community Based Tourism, is where the rural community is the main actor of the tourist activity.

The tourists and the local community enjoy in this way, an authentic cultural exchange, where it´s possible to feed on stories, anecdotes and chores of the countryside´s daily life, putting in value rural identity, its customs, meals, in a Friendly relationship, care and mutual respect with the natural and human environment.

The economic purpose is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to diversify their products, generating an improvement in their quality of life, to maintain direct contact with the market by owning their businesses. And they can count on the support of the private and public sectors an their regions and country, achieving sustainability, new sources of employment and genuine income.

Rural Tourism In Pardo

From Pardo Auténtico we generate a comprehensive and innovative product, where we propose a varied offer that combines fun and relaxation interacting with the environment, both cultural and natural. Giving the opportunity to develop activities that allow to live, share experiences and promote the exchange of ideas with people and especially with the local human resources, thus promoting employment and constant training.

Take some ¨mates¨ with a lady from the community; Make a guided tour of the civic center, knowing their stories and heritage; Try Stella Maris handmade sweets, and learn from her knowledge; Staying at the Hotel that was managed by the famous writer Adolfo Bioy Casares; Tour the Museum dedicated to the writer and railroad life; Connect with nature at Yamay Eco Turismo; Knowing the initiative of the Non-Profit Organization ¨Colectivo Sustentable¨ and its incipient Community Bicycle Workshop, are just some of the many magical and timeless moments that can be discovered in our beautiful Tourist Village of Pardo.

What is Pardo?

Pardo, is a Rural small town located in Las Flores County, at 2 hours and a half from Buenos Aires city, which was declared of Touristic Interest in 2015.

The Argentinian world famous writer Adolfo Bioy Casares knew how to describe it as "one of the most beautiful places in the world".

In our days, is a community in full recovery, which has several tourism ventures, and a historical and natural heritage, which make Pardo, an ideal town for community-based rural tourism.

Its streets have names of fruit trees, local people smile and live in a large family, the youngest run and play through their paths and squares, the entire town is a great house for the neighbors, and they take care of it.

Pardo Autentico Programme

In 2017 Pardo Auténtico was founded, a community rural tourism project, which works as a team in the touristic town of Pardo, together with the community, tourism entrepreneurs and the local public sector. Under Decree No. 1052 of June 10, 2019, it is declared of Municipal Interest.

With this initiative, several community integration activities have been carried out in the Town, where a Festival has been consolidated that integrates and includes the whole county population through art and music. At the end of the 2018, the use of a wagon was obtained in free of charge at the station site, where a tourist information and heritage interpretation office will be located.

Our principles of culture and sustainability are the engine of our planned activities in Pardo.

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