Tour the streets and places that the Bioy traveled since the place began to be populated, to the visits and anecdotes with Jorge Luis Borges, when he came to visit his great friend and colleague Adolfo Bioy Casares.

Visit in its Museums and historical sites the Identity of this rural town that had its beginnings before 900, and that today seeks to develop by revaluing all its Cultural Heritage. Feel the sound of the pampas and their aromas, talk with a lady or grocer about stories and anecdotes of the Town, participate in some of the cultural shows, festivals and fairs that are offered in the place. Travel through the rural roads of Pardo, and after passing through cattle, wooded, and crop fields, reach the Antigua Capilla del Socorro, visit its facilities and chat with Emilio and his Family. Experience outdoor activities that raise awareness about a more friendly life with the natural and human environment that surrounds us, from organic garden workshops, to the simple contemplation of the immense starry sky of Yamay. Participate in the Fiesta del Lechón de Campo, and in addition to tasting the delicacies produced by our ladies, sharing the shows of local artists in Los Corsos until the election of the Ambassador of the Place. Visit the initiative of the Sustainable Collective Civil Association, and take a new learning to apply in urban day to day. All these activities and many more are provided with the purpose of being as authentic as possible every day.