Nuestra Señora del Socorro CHAPEL

It is located about 3 km from the urban center of the Town, where many families lived at the time, it was ordered to be built by Juan Bautista Bioy (grandfather of the writer) and founded in 1892. In 1995, after a long time without use, It was declared a Municipal Historical Heritage. On its property you can visit an old and abandoned adobe house, which once belonged to the landlords.

Today, in a two-story house of natural construction, a family lives that takes care of the property, and has an organic garden that often supplies several families in the town. In addition, thanks to the action of the educational community, Pardo Auténtico and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, since 2017, which was once again valued, and cultural activities and educational meetings are held, such as the Children's Book Fair.

Adolfo Bioy Casares Library and Museum

The Adolfo Bioy Casares de Pardo Museum and Library is two museums in one. The old South Railroad station, perfectly preserved, houses in one of its two rooms an eclectic collection of various objects and documents: old photographs, books by the author and, above all, a large number of elements, some very curious, linked to railway life. And in the second room of the Museum is dedicated to numerous administrative, telecommunications and everyday objects of the place that have been used in this railway station and in others in the area.

It is currently undergoing a refurbishment process.

Within the same property of the station is the Community Center of Pardo, there are organized all the activities for the community of Pardo.

Hotel & Restaurante

Casa Bioy

The building is related to the writer Adolfo Bioy Casares since his grandfather Juan Bautista Bioy built it at the end of the 19th century as a general store. After being restored, it was conditioned as a hotel and it also has a restaurant operating today.

The Hotel has rooms equipped with private bathroom, hot / cold air conditioning. Continental breakfast. Park with pool, barbecue and barbecue. Room for meetings and events ¨El Quincho¨. Guest parking

Stella Maris Regional Products and Accommodation

Stella and Guillermo have a great story to tell about their life in Pardo, and they have materialized it in two aspects, one product: artisan sweets with regional products that she herself makes in Pardo and markets in the Region, and you can get them to share in your breakfasts and infusions; and a service: a rental house in the town, a few meters from the historic center that accommodates up to 4 people, with all the comforts that will make your stay in the place everything you need to feel like "at home".

Yamay EcoTurismo

Yamay is a place where the tourist finds himself between the comfort offered by modern tourist centers and the leisurely pace of rural populations.

A place where the residents of the town can add value to the tourist offer by offering their artisan products and personalized services. A space where visitors help us to take care of nature and the invited experts share their knowledge about all those techniques that help us take care of our habitat. An authentic meeting place!

Honey Flowers of Flowers

This venture was born from the passion of Juan Manuel, alias Pipi, for plants and flowers. After beginning a search for a better diet and to get honey directly from the producer, in 2009 he met Ariel Montoya who is dedicated to beekeeping in Pardo. Since then, they have exchanged study material on the respectful management of hives and that is how “Flores de Las Flores” emerged, pure multifloral honey from respected bees.

Club Unión Deportiva

On December 1, 1920, a group of enthusiasts, football fans, founded the Club Unión Deportiva. In a short time, it extends its activities and social gatherings begin to be held, with dances that were held in rented rooms. In 1928 they raised the first part of the current building, where they installed the canteen and a small living room. On a rainy October 12, 1938, the entire community of the Town gathered to inaugurate the great hall that today the Club has.

At present, the directive committee is working on remodeling its facilities, such as bathrooms and ceilings; And since February 2018, after 44 years, the Corsicans returned to the place, organized entirely by the Club.

Pardo's social symbol par excellence and current like few other institutions, it is on its way to its Centennial!

Almacén ¨Lo de Lámaro¨

The General Ramos Warehouse is one of the four warehouses that the Pardo Tourist Town preserves to this day. Until 2018, it belonged to Cesar Lámaro, who has become famous in recent times for telling some anecdotes that he remembers to this day about Borges, Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo. Between 1940 and 1950, this trio of writers visited Pardo together, and it was this Warehouse, the only one that had a telephone to communicate with Buenos Aires, so many times they waited more than an hour for such communication and the Lámaro family could share talks and infusions with them. In the book, recently published by the journalist Leandro Vesco, ¨ Unknown Buenos Aires¨ you can find this beautiful story, and other very interesting ones about rural places in Florence.